About the Sponsor

Mosaica Education has established a charitable entity – Aurora Education Trust (AET) – to operate academies through Aurora Academies Trust (AAT). Mosaica Education Inc. is a company that specialises in school improvement, bringing positive, sustainable change to schools worldwide. Recognised as an “Education Innovator” by the U.S. Department of Education, Mosaica has introduced measurable improvements to schools across the U.S., in Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and India by utilising a proven approach that engages pupils, their families and their communities.

One of the benefits is the use of a thematic approach to enhance the curriculum enabling pupils to learn from the past in order to shape the future. Mosaica has had remarkable results in improving English and mathematics with pupils gaining, on average, one and a quarter years’ improvement for every year they are in a Mosaica school. Mosaica also place a heavy emphasis upon parental and community involvement to celebrate and enhance pupils’ learning experience.

To find out more about Mosaica Education, what it does and where it operates, and the success it has had in running and governing schools over the past 15 years, please visit their website www.mosaicaeducation.com

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