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Financial Audit Report Year 2012

Annual Education Report: 2010 NAEP Data:


Annual Education Report: 2010 AYP Data:


Annual Education Report: 2010 Student Assessment Data:


Annual Education Report: 2010 Teacher Quality:


Annual Education Report 2010 Parent Letter:


Best Practice Financial Dashboard

Fiscal Year Board Approved Budget:

Discovery 2012-13 Original Budget 6-25-12

Discovery 2011-12 Final Budget Amendment 6-25-12

Discovery Budget Amendment 3-22-12

Discovery 2011-12 Budget Amendment 11-17-11

Discovery FY12 Budget Resolutions 6-23-11

Discovery FY11 Final Budget  Resolutioins 06-23-11

Preliminary Budget FY11 Approved 6-24-10

Personnel Expenditures:

Personnel Expenses 2010-11 Fiscal Year

Personnel Expenses 2009-10 Fiscal Year

2008-09 Fiscal Year

Current Operating Expenditures:

Operating Expenses 2010-11 Fiscal Year

Operating Expenses 2009-10 Fiscal Year

 2008-09 Fiscal Year

Current Bargaining Agreements:

Nothing to report since the Academy contracts with a third party administrator to provide staffing.

Employer Sponsored Health Care Plans:

 Health Care Benefits

Audited Financial Statements:

Michigan Department of Education (MDE)

Employee Compensation Information:

• Currently no employees compensation exceeds $100,000 for the tax year 2011

• Currently no employees compensation exceeds $100,000 for the tax year 2010

• Currently no employees compensation exceeds $100,000 for the tax year 2009

District Paid Association Dues:

2010-11 District Paid Association Dues

2009-10 District Paid Association Dues

 2008-09 District Paid Association Dues

District Paid Lobbying Costs:

2010-11 No Contributions Made

2009-10 No Contributions Made

2008-09 No Contributions Made