Parent Information Contact

What is a PIC
A PIC is someone who is equipped to provide information, support and advice for parents and carers about local services, parenting issues and more.

Who is my PIC at King Offa Primary Academy?

We are fortunate at King Offa to have 3 Parent Information Contacts:

  • Mrs Courtnell
  • Ms Goldfinch
  • Mrs Jenner.

Where can I contact my PIC?

Mrs Courtnell is always available at the Reception desk.

What information is available?

Your PIC team have access to a wealth of information – what they don’t know they will try and find out for you.

Information for Parents/Carers from the Bexhill Consortium of Schools

Every school in the Consortium has a PIC (Parent Information Contact).
In some schools the Consortium has been able to sponsor the development of Parent Rooms. A place in school where parents can meet with the PIC in a small group or one to one and where the Link Workers for the school and Family Learning Providers can support child and family learning activities. Many schools have a ‘drop-in’ time for parents where they can call in for a friendly chat. Parent Rooms are friendly and inviting places.
Although some primary schools do not have the space to dedicate a room specifically for parents, there will always be a warm welcome in all Bexhill schools and the PIC (Parent Information Contact) provides information and friendly support.