Local Academy Board

Our Local Academy Board Members are:
Chair: Margaret Pleasants 
Head: James Freeston 
Staff Member: Ryan Laker
Parent Member: Vacancy
Co-Opted Member: Lucy Tapley
Community Member: Pauline Edwards

(All members of the Local Academy Board can be contacted through the reception office or by email KingOffaOffice@auroraacademies.org)

One of the differences about being an Academy is that King Offa has a Local Academy Board (LAB) instead of a governing body. This board is made up of the people below who all work hard to help make sure King Offa is delivering the best possible standard of education. The LAB works in a similar way to a governing body and performs many of the same functions. The real difference is that the financial and legal responsibility is held by Aurora Academies Trust Board. This allows the LAB members to be focused on the learning and progress of pupils and not be burdened by the additional responsibility. The LAB play an important role in supporting and challenging King Offa and we are very grateful for the time they give to the school on a voluntary basis.

M Pleasants

I am the Chair of the LAB (Local Academy Board) and also a director on the Aurora Academy Trust known as the AAT.

Your children are at the centre of the LAB’s planning, discussions and activities. Everything we do is aimed at giving your children the best possible opportunities, to learn in a supportive, stimulating, secure and happy environment.   We all use our differing skills to ensure that there is improvement at every level in the school.

The Head teacher keeps us well informed of developments planned for the Academic year, through the School Improvement Plan. We are most grateful to him for his openness and the accuracy of information given.

I would like to thank the dedicated team of staff who works relentlessly in numerous roles in the school, providing a warm, caring community of adults and children working together, aiming for success and high levels of achievement.

Margaret M Pleasants



Anna Bartlett

Hello, as Clerk to the King Offa Local Advisory Body I am rarely seen in school, but am active behind the scenes liasing with our LAB members, our Headteacher and with the Aurora Academies Trust. As Clerk, I play my small part in helping to achieve the goal of developing a happy thriving school, filled with high achieving children.

The Clerk’s role is primarily to prepare for and to record the Local Advisory Body meetings, to store and circulate the minutes of those meetings, but it also involves responding to governor queries and involves much regulatory background administration.

Anna Bartlett