Local Academy Board

Our Local Academy Board Members are:
Chair: Jon Hodson
Head: James FreestonĀ 
Staff Member: Ryan Laker
Parent Member: Steve Etherington
Community Member: Pauline Edwards

(All members of the Local Academy Board can be contacted through the reception office or by email KingOffaOffice@auroraacademies.org)

One of the differences about being an Academy is that King Offa has a Local Academy Board (LAB) instead of a governing body. This board is made up of people who all work hard to help make sure King Offa is delivering the best possible standard of education. The LAB works in a similar way to a governing body and performs many of the same functions. The real difference is that the financial and legal responsibility is held by Aurora Academies Trust Board. This allows the LAB members to be focused on the learning and progress of pupils and not be burdened by the additional responsibility. The LAB play an important role in supporting and challenging King Offa and we are very grateful for the time they give to the school on a voluntary basis.

AAT Terms of Reference January 2018 – KOPA / GPPA

AAT Governance Information April 2018 – KOPA / GPPA

AAT Organisation Chart December 2017