King Offa teaches a blend of the National Curriculum for England and our own Paragon Curriculum. We hope that you find the information below useful. If you have any questions about our curriculum please speak to your child’s teacher or contact the school office.

As an academy we have freedom to design and implement a curriculum that we feel is best suited to the children at our school. The teaching of English and Maths is our highest priority so that children leave King Offa with the skills they need to succeed in secondary school and beyond. We know however that children learn best when what they are learning about is fun, engaging and hands-on. That is why we make links between the subjects we teach whenever possible. For example if children are learning about Ancient Egypt our curriculum planning makes sure that in English lessons children use what they have found out to write about Egypt across a range of different genres. Similarly links are made between science lessons and maths so that if children have carried out an experiment and recorded the results they may use these in a Maths lesson when learning about handling data.

Our teachers and teaching assistants are all trained in Talk for Writing and we use this approach to help make our English lessons really effective. More information about Talk for Writing is available here

Reading is a high priority for our school and we know that it is the key to unlocking learning is all the subject areas. Children in Early Years choose books from our school selection that are banded using a colour coded system. When children are ready, normally at sometime in Year Two, they move from this system and choose books from our library that uses Accelerated Reader to help them continue to make good progress. More information about Accelerated Reader is available here Parents-Guide-to-Accelerated-Reader.

Phonics is a key part of helping children learn to read. At King Offa we don’t follow a set scheme for phonics but we do base our teaching on guidance from the Department for Education which is available here Letters and Sounds

Our Paragon curriculum is something that is unique to Aurora Academy Schools. It is a humanities based curriculum that takes children on a journey through time from ancient history up to the modern day. There are six units a year that build upon each other to give children a strong understanding of how ideas and discoveries throughout history have been formed. There is a strong moral and ethical focus within Paragon and it teaches children to be inquisitive, open minded and aware of the impact of great cultures throughout history. Paragon lessons are hands-on, engaging and a lot of fun. They bring subjects together so that learning time is maximised and all children can show off their strengths.  We hold a ‘Paragon Event’ at the end of each unit when parents, carers, friends and wider family are invited in to school to see what the children have been learning about. This may be in the form of a show put on by the children or a more practical session where visitors get really involved in what the children have been doing. In the past we have held a clay model making workshop, recreated a native American village on our field and held our annual Paragon Spectacular at the White Rock Theatre in Hastings where children from key stage two got to show off their favourite Paragon moments of the year.

At King Offa Primary Academy we believe in four values that underpin everything that we do. These values belong to every pupil, parent and member of staff and to any visitor that joins us. We explore these values through our learning each day and in the interactions that we have with each other.

Our Vision and Values 2019


The links below take you to more information about the curriculum at King Offa Primary Academy.

These links will take you to the yearly overviews for the different year groups in the school

Yearly Planning Overview YR 2019-20

Yearly Planning Overview Y1 2019-20

Yearly Planning Overview Y2 2019-20

Yearly Planning Overview Y3 2019-20

Yearly Planning Overview Y4 2019-20

Yearly Planning Overview Y5 2019-20

Yearly Planning Overview Y6 2019-20

Follow these links to find out more about our Paragon Curriculum and the history and geography that it includes

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Paragon Skills Progression – History Geography Y3

Paragon Skills Progression – History Geography Y4

Paragon Skills Progression – History Geography Y5

Paragon Skills Progression – History Geography Y6

Follow these links to find out more about individual subjects

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