Head of School weekly update 21.1.22

Welcome to this week’s update!

I have been so impressed with the level of Curriculum projects that have been completed at home. I have seen some amazing inventions in Year 5 from nut crackers to toasters that will change our lives ( I have suggested patenting these inventions… watch out Dragon’s Den!) Well done to Ruben for his amazing shield, pictured above. I am thrilled that the children are working and continuing their learning at home. Well done!

The children in EYFS went to the fire station on Monday and had a fantastic time. They were learning about people who help us and the Facebook photos show what fun they had too. The hoses were as big as children but the fire man and lady were keen to let them experience the whoosh of the water! I believe the Police are the next visitors for these classes!

Year 1 have been extremely hard working; they have shared some amazing artwork on textures and colours, just beautiful. Take a look on Facebook for some snapshots!

Mr Dawson has been working hard with the teaching team on a healthy schools approach. The healthy schools rating scheme is a voluntary scheme for schools that recognises and encourages their contribution to supporting pupils’ health and wellbeing. Schools will be able to determine how well they are promoting healthy eating and physical activity by completing a self-assessment and receiving a rating based on their answers. They will receive an award for their performance, and information on how they might improve their healthy living policies. We have just started this journey and am sure you will be asked to help out at some point in the near future.

Year 6 have been writing some fantastic persuasive articles. I have enjoyed reading rhetorical questions, descriptions of theme parks and rides and I would love a VIP ticket ( if possible!). Well done, a very creative bunch!

Thank you to our Kings and Queens, you have been awarded and rewarded for some very important reasons this week. Excellent learning, excellent behaviour and excellent work ethic!

Have a lovely weekend, see you on Monday.

Kind regards,

Miss N Baker

Head of School