Head of School weekly update 14.1.22


Welcome to this week’s update.

This week the pupils at King Offa have been working hard. I have had the opportunity to see some excellent work ( from tricky multiplications to amazing descriptions and story openers)  and I have been able to reward children’s efforts with stickers and a treat from my treasure box. Thank you for brightening my day and always trying your best.

We have had our LAB link member for maths, Anne McWilliams, visit us this week. She met with Mrs Osman who is the Maths Leader. They visited classrooms and looked at the progression of maths. Anne was delighted to see how far we have come on our Maths Mastery journey. Although it is a 3 year venture, we are working hard and are on track ( if not,  further ahead than we anticipated) It is really important to note a quote from the LAB member ” I was impressed with the calm atmosphere and concentration in the classrooms. Thank you, it was lovely to see Maths in action.” The photos above celebrate the excellent pupil engagement, super learning and fun resources.

Although we have been limited and circumstances regarding the pandemic have added pressures to organising events, trips and other fun learning opportunities, we have worked hard to ensure that a variety of experiences can go ahead. We are delighted that the Year 6 children will be attending Blacklands Farm in February. They will have a super active and fun time I am sure. The children who have chosen to stay at school will be having an equally fun time as Mrs Jenner plans some creative activities from team building to cooking. Watch this space. Year 2 have a fire woman visiting their classroom, she can’t wait to meet Gandhi and Nightingale class. Talking of fire people… Early Years are visiting our local fire station on Monday, a visit from the Police the following week  and ‘Tiny Street’ are visiting them in February… so lots to look forward to.

As you know, building works are going ahead with our school roof. It is progressing well and they are going a grand job. We are seeing some light at the end of the tunnel and look forward to sharing further updates with you. We have been so grateful that the school day has not been interrupted. Thank you to Mr Smith and Miss Gonet for attending meetings, organising contractors and monitoring the progress. They have (and continue to) work hard.

During Kings and Queens assembly this afternoon, I was greeted  by some superheroes. Wow! I didn’t realise how many came to our school! I wonder who they are?? Perhaps we will find out next week!

Have a very lovely weekend, enjoy the sunshine,

Kind regards,

Miss N Baker

Head of school