Head’s Update 21.5.2021


Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to this week’s update. As always, we have been very busy and lots of wonderful learning has taken place.

As you know, beach school provides children with a fantastic opportunity to experience and immerse themselves in an amazing natural environment. The aim is to provide children with memorable and inspiring experiences: to connect with nature through exploration, discovery and hands-on learning, inspiring them to have pride in themselves and a sense of privilege for the place that they live. As you can see, the above photograph naturally captures just some of the Year 5 pupils who have encountered beach school over the past two weeks. (You’ll see the beautifully painted pebbles behind them) From shelter building to sketching, from paddling to litter picking… the opportunities are endless. They have had a wonderful time and have impressed Miss Andrews with their impeccable behaviour at the beach, well done.

Miss Andrews is also excited to announce a school photographic competition ‘Physics is all around us’… please find out the details how to enter on this week’s bulletin.

Year 6 children have had a transition visit from Bexhill Academy. There were lots of activities and important messages from the staff; the children responded well and I am sure they are looking forwards to their full two weeks of transition in July. I believe that children who are not going to Bexhill Academy will have a weeks transition in July too! Miss Langton has been busy organising an activity week for the Year 6 pupils and I am sure you will join me in thanking her for ensuring the children receive a fun filled, memorable week for a fairly reasonable cost.

Mrs Barbary, our English lead,  has been looking at writing across the whole school, she has been very impressed by some of the amazing progress pupils have made. She was especially pleased with the presentation in some classes and the quality of work in others. To be honest, all of the teachers have been impressed with the progress that the children have and are making in writing. There are some super pieces to share with you at parents evening, for sure.

It has been delightful to see lots of children accessing after school clubs, from Karate to sewing and Ball games to Dance. The children seem so happy to be taking part, very rewarding!

Mrs Dalton ( Sussex music schools) is excited to share the news that a Music Centre will be opening in Sidley. Children and adults will be able to experience a range of musical activities and will hopefully be seen as a positive resource for the school community and the people of Bexhill and Sidley. If you are interested please take a look on the bulletin and complete the survey.

Have a lovely weekend,

We look forward to seeing lots of you next week!

Kind regards,

Miss Baker

Head of School