Head of School update 14.5.21

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have been celebrating ‘connecting to nature’ as part of mental health awareness. Connecting with nature is not just about the amount of time we spend outdoors; it is also about building a relationship with nature by noticing and becoming sensitive to what is around us. We use our senses to do this– such as noticing the different cloud shapes in the sky, smelling the scents of flowers and listening to the birds chirping in the trees.

With this in mind, Mrs Pillow was extremely proud of her class as they took to connecting to nature themselves. She was impressed by the budding artists she has in Einstein class. The photo above captures the lesson beautifully.

Reception classes have been out and about on their community walks; I join the Early Years team in thanking you for your support if you helped out with the supervision. Without you, we couldn’t always manage these important events.

Beach school has been going well, Miss Andrews has been very proud of the Year 5 classes that she has taken to the beach so far. Beach schools tend to follow the same principles as forest schools, whereby children are encouraged to explore the natural environment with its constantly changing appearance, offerings, and potential learning experiences and opportunities. The general idea of a beach school session is to not “plan” or facilitate learning but rather to follow the children’s curiosity in their findings of the natural world and meet their learning and developmental needs through the invaluable opportunities the natural world has to offer. As a result, no two beach school sessions will ever be the same. Miss Andrews was impressed by pupils’ behaviour, enthusiasm and eagerness to learn new things about their environment. The weather has certainly been on our side! That said we may need to rethink next weeks beach school as the weather is expected to turn.

Class teachers are looking forward to seeing parents face to face during the last week of term. We appreciate how important these meetings are and thank you in advance for your cooperation. I apologise for the military operation but feel that necessary control measures must be in place for this to go ahead as safely and smoothly as possible.

I am aware it is raining as I write this update, let’s hope it brightens up for the weekend.

Kind regards,

Miss N Baker