Head of School Update – 4th December 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to this week’s Head’s update!

Year 3 have been learning when the Olympics originated (776BC). They held their own mini-Olympics, taking part in a relay race, shotput, long jump and javelin. They then competed in a class tug of war.  Miss Hedges was extremely proud of her class and their collaboration.

Although we are beginning to see signs of the Christmas holiday ahead, teaching and learning remains as strong as ever across the whole school. The Senior Leadership Team have been delighted with the quality of teaching and learning that they have been able to observe, Leaders have been visiting every class in their Phase and have been impressed with the focus and dedication by both pupils and staff. I would like to thank the SLT for their hard work and say thank you for their great leadership, especially in these challenging times that we face. A special thank you to Miss Malone for organising the Year 2 Phonics Screening. I am extremely proud of Gandhi and Nightingale, well done!

We have had a visit from Heidi Attwood, who is our Trust Safeguarding, Attendance and Training Manager, she refreshed the staff’s understanding of Safeguarding and policies and was particularly impressed with our recording and reporting methods.

Thank you very much to Alison Locke and Alison Horan for their very kind donations of books. The children are always very grateful when we distribute new books either in to classes or the school library.

If your children are in Reception (EYFS), you will be thrilled to know that you will be receiving an EYFS update every fortnight. Do look out for it in book bags and electronically.

Once again thank you to parents and carers for your continued support.

Have a restful weekend.

Kind regards,

Miss N Baker (Head of School)