Head of School Update – 6th November 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

A very warm welcome back to Term 2. I hope you managed to have a restful week!

The children have once again settled back into school life fantastically well and their behaviours for learning have been excellent. I have seen some lovely Paragon projects this week, well done to pupils and parents alike. It is so important that home and school learning is celebrated.

The Year 2 children, shown above, are excelling themselves with their reading. These children, amongst lots of others in Year 2 have they very own library card and are taking part in Reading Quizzes that KS2 would usually do! Mrs Luck and Mrs Milarski are delighted with the progress and enjoy supporting the pupils daily with their reading.

I mentioned a ‘promotional film’ at the end of last term and am delighted to say that it is on our website page (Admissions section).

Or… click on the link below, watch and proudly share the film yourself! I am extremely grateful to the pupils, staff and parents who participated in the film. It really does capture the wonderful, fun, safe learning environment that we work, learn and play within.


Thank you once more for your positive attitudes and understanding towards the operations of the school, it is paramount that our pupils, parents and staff are safe and you are helping us to achieve this!

Please do take a look at the weekly bulletin for any updates and messages… I believe there’s a Christmas card competition too!

Have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards,

Miss N Baker

Head of School