Head of School Update – 25th September 2020

Dear Parents,

King Offa Primary Academy has had another very busy week! Pupils continue to work hard and impress their teachers! Our attendance has been great too! The school has had such a calm and positive feel, it has been a pleasure to walk round and see the school operating in a really successful way.

Well done to last week’s Kings and Queens, it is always a real achievement to be crowned. Great job! They were:

Queen Erin R YR Bell Class
King Jenson-James B YR Darling Class
Queen Melisa A Y1 Edison Class
Queen Pippa W Y1 Einstein Class
Queen Everlyn C Y2  Gandhi Class
King Ben G Y2  Nightingale Class
King Felix M Y3 Hawking Class
King George J Y3 Pankhurst Class
Queen Jessica B Y4 Curie Class
Queen Maya W Y4 Earhart Class
Queen Hallie F Y5 Mandela Class
Queen Madison H Y5 Malala Class
Queen Alysher S Y5 Seacole Class
Queen Humaira A Y6 Clarke Class
King Louie D Y6 Parks Class

Find out who is crowned today, next week! Kings and Queens should expect a visit with a certificate and a treat!

EYFS: I have been delighted when visiting the Reception class children this week. Their behaviours for learning are fantastic and I can see how hard they are working on their good listening. I was super excited to watch how they responded to the well-known (and loved by many) story ‘Funny Bones’. Lots of children were making super connections and using an array of fantastic language!

Year 1: Have been learning and retelling the story of Beegu using the actions and the hidden story map in English this week.

Year 2: Have been working super hard on their number bonds to 10, 20 and 100 and are learning what place value means, great job!

Year 3: Have been busy writing their own poems. The children have been using super adjectives and alliteration to make their poems even more powerful!

Year 4: Have been working very hard in maths, they have been solving real life problems involving money. Some excellent calculations!

Year 5: Have been working hard in Destination Reader, their focus has been using ‘clarifying’ stems to help them work out and understand unfamiliar texts.

Year 6: Have been learning what Egyptians use Canopic jars for and then, as shown in the photo, have been using clay to make their own Canopic jars. Looks great fun!

Paragon letters were sent home on Wednesday. These letters were to inform you of the exciting units of work your children will be learning this term in Paragon with an option of some fun projects to have a go at, at home. I look forward to seeing these when they start coming into school. If you haven’t recevied a copy of the letter please contact the school office.

Thank you for your support and the trust you place in us for teaching and caring for your children, they really are fantastic!

Have a very lovely weekend,

Miss N Baker

Head of School