Head of School Update – 18th September 2020

Dear Parents and carers,

King Offa has been very busy this week! Pupils have shown such resilience and perseverance in class and the teachers have been super impressed with their eagerness to learn and adapt to new routines.

Well done to last week’s Kings and Queens, it a real achievement to be crowned and especially on the first week back. Great job!

They were:

Sienna D YR Bell Class
Mya R YR Darling Class
Zak C Y1 Edison Class
Oliver M Y1 Einstein Class
Oscar S Y2  Gandhi Class
Lexie B Y2  Nightingale Class
Summer M Y3 Hawking Class
Mckenzie D Y3 Pankhurst Class
Toby E Y4 Curie Class
Izzi W Y4 Earhart Class
Jacob W Y5 Mandela Class
Rosie C Y5 Malala Class
Archie B Y5 Seacole Class
Samer S Y6 Clarke Class
Imogen S Y6 Parks Class



The childrne in Reception have settled well and are working hard. They are building new friendships and learning new routines beautifully. Thank you to the parents in Reception for your support and encouragement, it has been gratefully received.

Year 1 have been planting their worries in PSHE and Science, as shown in the photo and I hear are working hard with their phonics. Year 2 have amazed their teachers with the enthusiastic reading at school and home, well done, keep it up!

Year 3 have been learning to imitate a Crocodile poem… snap! The children have created a story map to help them remember it! Year 4 have been recapping their addition skills and learning the importance of place value, some children even started planning a party and working out the costs! Super maths!

Year 5 have been experimenting with techniques and media for portraying water, I can’t wait to see the finished products. They have also been studying friction in Science, is that why shoes are on the desk? Year 6 have been learning about archaeology and have started researching King Tutankhamun. I am amazed that they have already started making a Death Mask, they are looking fantastic!

Find out who is crowned today, next week!

Paragon letters are on the way… watch this space!

I would like to thank you all for your continued cooperation, positive support and kindness.

Have a very lovely weekend,

Miss N Baker

Head of School