Head of School Update – 17th March 2020

Dear parents and carers,

I am so pleased to have been asked to take over from Mr Laker whilst he is working at another school in the Trust. I love working at King Offa and really want to help maintain the great education the school provides along with the care and fun atmosphere that the children enjoy.

However, I didn’t anticipate that on my first day I would be faced with the challenges that Coronavirus is placing on us all. The Trust is working really hard to make sure that the decisions we take are in the best interests of all the children and their families. We will do all we can to help overcome the challenge that we are facing. I hope that you have read the letter that our CEO, Mr McCarthy sent out to you all yesterday outlining our current plans. A copy can be requested from the school office if it hasn’t reached you yet.

Thank you to everyone who has responded to the parent survey we shared that asked for your views on the steps we can take to continue to support the children at this time. There were two clear messages from the survey. Firstly, that you want to be kept updated about what the school is doing to cope with the challenges we are facing and secondly, that you want teachers to use their influence over your children to provide them with reassurance and guidance at this difficult time.

The Trust, through Mr McCarthy, will keep you updated on at least a weekly basis on the plans that are being put in place. As well as this I will make sure that I share any relevant information with you through my updates on the school website which will also appear on the school Facebook page.

Today I have met with all the teachers and asked them to speak with their classes, in an age-appropriate way, about the latest recommendations made by the Prime Minister and to answer any questions that they had about Coronavirus. Teachers have also reminded children of the importance of washing their hands and we are being even more vigilant that they do this as regularly and thoroughly as possible.

I know that this is a worrying time for all of us. Please do continue to come and speak with me at the start of the school day if there is anything else that you feel we need to do at this time.

Many thanks,

Miss Natasha Baker

Head of School