Head of School Update – Friday 13th March 2020

Welcome to this week’s Head of School Update!

This week, I have been treated to some exceptional story-writing by pupils across the school. In Reception, pupils have been making their own ‘story-maps’ and retelling their stories to others. Some pupils have gone the extra mile and made their own story books and I very much enjoyed listening to the stories that the children have made. Pupils in Year 4 have also been proud to share their stories with me this week.

On the ‘story’ theme, thank you to all of those pupils who submitted an entry as part of this year’s ‘Short Story’ competition. There were some fantastic entries and some creative ideas based around this year’s theme of the ‘Environment’, including stories about recycling, plastic in the oceans and the diary entry of a tree. All of the pupils who submitted an entry were awarded a prize in assembly. Well done to everyone! The following three prizes were awarded:

  • EYFS / Key Stage 1 Story Winner – Harley E. in Year R. Harley wrote story about a farmer who encouraged local people to collect and recycle milk bottle tops in exchange for a visit to meet his cow.
  • Key Stage 2 – Berry H. in Year 4. Berry wrote a story about two polar bears living on the melting ice-caps, who had to keep moving home. She included a strong message about our impact upon the environment and how we wouldn’t want to move home too often, so polar bears shouldn’t have to either.
  • Well done to Demi-Mia C. in Year 4. Demi wrote a story about two quarreling siblings; one who wanted to protect the planet and one who didn’t care and threw their rubbish everywhere. It was a great tale that showed others how to make better choices.

Pupils in Year 5 are currently on their PGL experience at Windmill Hill and having a fantastic time, taking part in new activities, discovering new skills, working together as part of a team and becoming independent. I am looking forward to hearing all about their adventures! Earlier this week, pupils in Year 6 took part in ‘Safety in Action’ at Bexhill Fire Station. The pupils took part in a series of keeping-safe workshops and activities and encourages children to recognise hazards and take action to keep themselves and others safe. The project is coordinated by East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service, working with other emergency services and other agencies. The agencies create simulated scenarios to allow children to think about safe responses to a variety of different situations and is aimed at all Year 6 children before they make the step to secondary school and greater independence.

Well done to all of our Kings and Queens. This week, our winners are:

Year R Bell Class – Bertie V. is the King of Equality – for being a lovely member of the class.
Year R Darling Class – Maison L. is the King of Knowledge – for his excellent progress with his phonics and numbers.
Year 1 Edison Class – Maddie P. is the Queen of Knowledge – for her improved handwriting.
Year 1 Einstein Class – Jessica S. is the Queen of Equality – for being incredibly helpful all week.
Year 2 Gandhi Class – George D. is the King of Knowledge – for taking great care over the content and quality of his Maths and English work.
Year 2 Nightingale Class – Alex D. is the King of Knowledge – for his incredible knowledge in Computing and for helping his classmates.
Year 3 Hawking Class – Mya R. is the Queen of Equality – for helping all of the staff in the class this week.
Year 3 Pankhurst Class – Finley G. is the King of Equality – for demonstrating a fantastic attitude this week.
Year 4 Curie Class – Bailey K. is the King of Knowledge – for his enthusiasm in the classroom and for his work on solving fraction problems.
Year 4 Earhart Class – Allyssa-Leigh G. is the Queen of Knowledge – for her fantastic attitude to learning. She always gives 100%.
Year 4 Keller Class – Freddie F. is the King of Knowledge – for his enthusiasm for learning and for always wanting to contribute in lessons.
Year 5 Malala Class – Jakob C-G. is the King of Knowledge – for consistently working hard and for developing new skills.
Year 5 Seacole Class – Louie B. is the King of Equality – for working really well as part of a team.
Year 6 Clarke Class – Grace B. is the Queen of Knowledge – for her independent writing of a warning story.
Year 6 Parks Class – Sapphire G. is the Queen of Safety – for her excellent behaviour and contributions during the ‘Safety in Action’ workshops.

In our Attendance Challenge, three classes hold a joint-lead of the EYFS/KS1 Challenge – Y1 Edison and Einstein Classes and Year 2 Gandhi Class all have 14 points after two weeks. In the KS2 Challenge, Year 5 Seacole Class have 16 points and lead the way, with a two-point buffer to Year 3 Pankhurst Class who are in second place on 14 points. In our Attendance Raffle, 360 pupils had 100% attendance in Week 2. The Number 72 was drawn – this was Isyla D. in Year 1!

This afternoon, pupils in Year 5 are concluding their Enterprise Challenge – they have been busy designing and making crafts and gifts for this afternoon’s sale, hoping to make a profit. Items will be on sale to all school pupils this afternoon and any profit will be donated to charity.

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very enjoyable weekend!

Mr Laker
Head of School