Deputy Headteacher Update- Friday 6th March 2020

Welcome to this week’s update!

We have had a very busy time! Pupils have been learning about Shakespeare’s The Tempest this week and were lucky enough to have the opportunity to take part in creative workshops led by Barbara Whitehead from the Shakespeare Connect Project. She has been thoroughly impressed by the engagement and enthusiasm of the pupils. A big thank you to Miss Langton for the organisation this fabulous project. Among this excitement, we also celebrated World Book Day on Thursday and enjoyed some fun filled activities!

Each class have studied the story ‘The Tempest’…

EYFS have worked beautifully together to create a collage of the storm and the island; there were some super drawings of the character’s too! Ariel looked particularly colourful! Year 1 have explored a range of vocabulary to describe the storm and made beautiful tissue paper creations. Einstein class have made a fantastic boat in which they had all contributed. Year 2 pupils have recreated the ship in The Tempest and had written instructions about a storm to support their designs. Year 3 have worked well to write messages in a bottle and even tea stained the paper to give an authentic feel. Year 4 have been busy writing diary entries from the characters point of view, designed shipwrecked images and even recreated the invisibility scene. Year 5 have used a range of skills, making maps and plotting co-ordinates. As a year group they worked brilliantly together to write and perform a poem. We had the pleasure of watching this in assembly! Year 6 have been busy working on character descriptions and writing their own summaries of the infamous story. Every class has worked hard and produced some high quality art work, drama, poetry and writing, well done to them all!

Our Kings and Queens this week are: 

Imogen D. is Queen of Knowledge in Bell class for her fantastic understanding and enthusiasm of the story The Tempest.
Samuel T. is King of Knowledge in Darling class for his thoughtful comments and creative responses towards The Tempest
Mia-Rose M. is Queen of Knowledge in Edison class for creating some beautiful artwork and thinking of some great vocabulary to describe the storm
Liam I. is King of Knowledge in Einstein class for his excellent efforts in his artwork of the storm
Hughen S. is King of Knowledge in Gandhi class for his amazing storm instructions.
Leo H. is King of Equality in Nightingale class for working well as part of a team to create some group artwork
Brooke G. is Queen of Knowledge in Hawking class for working really hard in the Shakespeare workshop and activities
Harry O. is King of Knowledge in Pankhurst class for his super effort when writing a ‘message in a bottle’
Logan D. is King of Equality in Earhart class for being a fantastic member of Earhart class!
Annabella W. is Queen of Knowledge in Curie class for creating super art work and for writing a great diary entry as Alonso
Megan A. is Queen of Knowledge in Keller class for her creativity and contributions to the class artwork depicting a scene from the The Tempest
Jamie W. is King of Knowledge in Malala class for his fantastic performances and artwork during Shakespeare week
Jonathan B. is King of Knowledge in Seacole class for his enthusiasm for learning and sharing great ideas and predictions
Bea R. is Queen of Knowledge in Clarke Class for her fantastic Shakespearean character description
Kyla H. is Queen of Knowledge in Parks Class for her contributions to the Shakespeare workshop and lessons about The Tempest.

Next week we have the ‘Dogs Trust’ in school, the workshops and assembly will help pupils to understand how ‘Dogs Trust’ works and what its purpose is. PGL is next week, we will send regular updates via email to let you know what the pupils have been up to. In school, the remaining Year 5 pupils look forward to taking part in their Enterprise Week. Year 6 will be taking part in ‘Safety in Action’ at the local fire station. Polite reminder to please be sure to book a Parents Evening slot using Arbor, any problems using the site please let the Office Staff know and they will be happy to help you! Do have a look at the Bulletin for more information and for important dates and events.

Have a great weekend, let’s hope the sun is still shining!

Miss N Baker

Deputy Headteacher