Head of School Update – Friday 28th February 2020

Welcome to this week’s update!

Welcome back to Term 4 at King Offa! We’ve hit the ground running with an incredibly fun-filled week. Pupils in Year 5 have been out and about on their bikes this week as part of their ‘Bikeability’ course. The pupils have learned about safe cycling, bike-positioning and appropriate equipment, including when out on public roads. Thank you to the amazing course leaders who looked after our cyclists this week and well done to all of the children who took part. On Wednesday, pupils in Year 4 visited Battle Abbey for their school trip. On the only day this week where the Sun shone, pupils learned all about the Battle of Hastings that took place here, in Sussex, in 1066 and re-enacted some of the key events that took place in Battle. They tried on armour, explored the weapons and spent time in the interactive gallery. Thank you to all of our helpers. Across the school, pupils have been finding out about their new units and topics for this term!

Thank you to all of you have sponsored your child as part of our NSPCC project this year. The money raised is being counted today, and we hope to be able to share the amount raised in this week’s Bulletin.

Well done to our assembly winners this week. Our Kings and Queens are:

YR Bell Class – Jacob A. – ‘King of Knowledge’ for making great progress with his writing.
YR Darling Class – Isobel S. – ‘Queen of Health’ for growing in confidence with lunchtime routines.
Y1 Edison Class – Hallie B. – ‘Queen of Knowledge’ for her improved handwriting.
Y1 Einstein Class – Freddie D. – ‘King of Knowledge’ for his excellent effort in English this week.
Y2 Gandhi Class – Poppy D. – ‘Queen of Knowledge’ for always trying her best, listening attentively and carrying out tasks.
Y2 Nightingale Class – Libby M. – ‘Queen of Knowledge’ for excellent focus and for trying her best.
Y3 Hawking Class – Shane M. – ‘King of Safety’ for a settled week int his new school, listening carefully and following all instructions.
Y3 Pankhurst Class – Stevie D. – ‘King of Knowledge’ for demonstrating a great attitude and working with effort.
Y4 Curie Class – Wade O. – ‘King of Knowledge’ for demonstrating great knowledge during the Battle Abbey workshop.
Y4 Earhart Class – Berry H. – ‘King of Knowledge’ for sharing amazing knowledge about the Battle of Hastings…with everyone!
Y4 Keller Class – Ruben D. – ‘King of Knowledge’ for a super start to this term and for a great attitude to his learning.
Y5 Malala Class – Cameron W. – ‘King of Knowledge’ for working hard to fulfill his potential and for maintaining a positive attitude.
Y5 Seacole Class – Amelia B. – ‘Queen of Knowledge’ for sharing her superb ideas confidently with the class.
Y6 Clarke Class – Evie P. – ‘Queen of Knowledge’ for being a great role model for the rest of the class and always working hard.
Y6 Parks Class – Austin S. – ‘King of Knowledge’ for making excellent progress in Maths.

Please look out for a link to our latest Parent Survey. We hope to launch this next week and we will send you some details about this. Your feedback is always very welcome; it helps to evaluate what we are doing well and what we can do to improve and be better, so I do hope you will help us and take part.

Next Thursday 5th March is World Book Day. As is a King Offa tradition, pupils are invited to come to school on this day, dressed as their favourite book character, should they wish. Alternatively, pupils can bring in an accessory or something they have made, that links to book that they love. We will be running our annual Short Story Competition. All pupils are invited to write a story and I hope you will encourage your child to take part. This year, we have included a theme – Environment. Pupils can interpret this however they wish; a story about a recycled bottle or climate change, to an adventure by the river. More information about World Book Day and the writing competition can be found in this week’s Bulletin.

Have a great weekend!

Mr. Laker
Head of School