Head of School Update – Friday 24th January 2020

Welcome to this week’s Weekly Update.

It’s been lovely to see so many children who have brought up their work to show me this week – they are always so proud of their progress and their achievements. Pupils in Year 2 have been learning about division in Maths and how to use number lines to share amounts into equal groups and have also planted some seeds this week – we look forward to finding out how we can help them to grow best. Pupils in Year 4 have been learning to write wit suspense and have been leaving their stories on ‘cliffhangers’. I was equally impressed with the range and quality of vocabulary from pupils in Year 6, who were describing a secret meeting in an eerie setting.

Well done to all of our Kings and Queens who were celebrated in our Friday Assembly. This week’s list of winners is:

YR Bell Class – Oliver McF. (King of Knowledge)
YR Darling Class – Maizie D. (Queen of Equality)
Y1 Edison Class – Riley B. (King of Equality)
Y1 Einstein Class – Robyn S. (Queen of Knowledge)
Y2 Gandhi Class – Summer M. (Queen of Knowledge)
Y2 Nightingale Class – Scarlett D. (Queen of Knowledge)
Y3 Hawking Class – Amber S. (Queen of Equality)
Y3 Pankhurst Class – Freya T-B. (Queen of Equality)
Y4 Curie Class – Frankie P. (Queen of Knowledge)
Y4 Earhart Class – Poppy F. (Queen of Knowledge)
Y4 Keller Class – Ciaran L. (King of Health)
Y5 Malala Class – Jakob C-G. (King of Equality)
Y5 Seacole Class – Lola J. (Queen of Knowledge)
Y6 Clarke Class – Aaliyah B. (Queen of Knowledge)
Y6 Parks Class – Phoebe S. (Queen of Knowledge)

Year 1 Einstein Class have held onto their place at the top of the Term 3 Attendance Challenge for Key Stage 1. In Key Stage 2, it’s Year 4 Keller Class who earned another 10 points, as their attendance was 98.5% – they have a maximum of 20 points from the first two weeks of this term’s challenge.

This week, we ran our first ‘Attendance Spot Week’ of the year.  A raffle draw took place in our Friday Celebration Assembly today. In the draw, Paige G. in Year 3 Pankhurst Class had her number drawn first and collected a CineWorld family voucher.  There were also two Runner Up prizes – Maria R. in Year 3 Hawking Class and Najmah S. in Year 6 Parks Class, who each collected a £10 Amazon voucher. All pupils who were in every day this week will be given a 100% Attendance Certificate. Watch for our next ‘Attendance Spot Week’.

Have a great weekend!

Mr Laker
Head of School