Head of School Update – Tuesday 26th November 2019

Good afternoon,

I wanted to update you with some photographs from across the day and these can be accessed via our Facebook page. Despite the torrential weather, pupils came in incredibly calmly. Although the halls look different, the children walked very sensibly to their classrooms – thank you for sharing the photographs with your child.

Without the use of one hall, this has certainly created the greatest challenge. I met with all the pupils in two assemblies today, to talk about some of the ways that school would look different whilst also thinking about the things that wouldn’t change and would remain the same. The children came up with some great ideas about what would look different…
– We only have one hall to use;
– There are some corridors which lead into classrooms;
– We will have to have assemblies at different times;
– Our PE lessons might be in different places;
– We can only have lunches in one hall.

…and what would stay the same…
– Expectations about behaviour remain the same;
– We continue to work hard and try our best;
– Our classrooms are not relocated.

We spoke about four new rules – which apply to us all – whilst there is scaffolding inside the school – Ask your child if they can remember what these four rules are.

Today, all of the children had their lunches in the Key Stage 2 Hall. This was quite a big change for many of our pupils, such as our children in Reception, who would usually eat in the hall outside their classrooms, but it was very impressive to see how well the children adapted to these changes. We managed to feed all of the children, in one hall, from the servery, without any missed minutes – so ‘Well done’ to everyone for working together and to our Year 5 and 6 pupils who ‘dined’ in their classrooms today! I think the children enjoyed eating at the rows of tables – they will be well-rehearsed for Christmas Lunch!

Just to remind you that our after school clubs will not be running this week, other than Windmill Club, which will take place in the Studio at the usual times.

I’d just like to thank you once again for your support during these past few days. I recognise that an event such as this, which leads to a school closure, can be unsettling and challenging and I apologise for any inconvenience that closing the school has caused your families.

It’s really lovely to be back at school, with all the pupils and staff. Children were smiling and happy to be back – it was a pleasure to welcome them all in this morning. I hope that we can try to restore some normality in the coming days.

Mr Ryan Laker
Head of School