Head of School Update – Friday 18th October 2019

Welcome to this week’s Weekly Update!

Pupils have been working hard throughout the school.

Pupils in Year 6 have been designing and making their own Ancient Egyptian artefacts, including funerary masks and canopic jars, using a range of media, including clay and papier mache, and art and design skills. Funerary masks were used to cover the faces of the dead, whilst the canopic jars stored were used as containers in which to hold the internal organs of the deceased, before mummification.

We were also visited by Patrick Altes, a local artist, this week. He worked with pupils across the school on an art project focusing on the theme of ‘tolerance’, using a range of artistic techniques to produce unique pieces of art. The children had great fun on the project and learned lots of new skills.

This week’s Kings and Queens are:

YR Bell Class – Daisy S (Health)
YR Darling Class – Teddy G (Knowledge)
Y1 Edison Class – Renee M (Knowledge)
Y1 Einstein Class – Junie T (Knowledge)
Y2 Gandhi Class – Dasie-Mae L (Knowledge)
Y2 Nightingale Class – Riley C (Knowledge)
Y3 Hawking Class – Leo H (Knowledge)
Y3 Pankhurst Class – Lola B (Knowledge)
Y4 Curie Class – Mylo B (Knowledge)
Y4 Earhart Class – Jamie Mc (Knowledge)
Y4 Keller Class – Harry D (Knowledge)
Y5 Malala Class – Isabella S (Equality)
Y5 Seacole Class – Omar Al S (Knowledge)
Y6 Clarke Class – Mylee G (Equality)
Y6 Parks Class – Darcie J (Equality)

Well done to all of our winners this week!

Attendance Update –
In EYFS / Key Stage 1, Y1 Edison Class are top of the leader-board in our ‘Attendance Challenge’ after Week 4, with 40 points.
In Key Stage 2, Y3 Hawking Class and Y4 Curie Class are joint top of the leader-board with 30 points each.
‘Well done’ to Ajay P. in Y4 Curie who was the winner of the 100% Attendance Raffle – 364 children this week.

You will have all received a letter inviting you to the forthcoming Parents’ Evenings. Please book an appointment to meet with your child’s class teacher.

Just to remind you that next week is the last week of Term 1 (Yes! Already!). The school is closed to pupils on Friday 25th October. The last day of Term 1 is Thursday 24th October.

Have a great weekend!

Mr R. Laker
Head of School