Head of School Update – Friday 11th November 2019

Welcome to this week’s Weekly Update!

On Thursday, we joined in with the hundreds of thousands of people who were raising awareness for ‘World Mental Health’ Day. This year’s hashtag of #asktwice reminds us all of an important message – When asked, sometimes it’s easier to say we’re fine, when we’re not – so let’s ask twice and actively listen to each other – a message that the whole school community can help with. Across the year, we are looking forward to being offer a range of workshops, with parents, pupils and staff, to help promote positive mental health.

In our featured photograph this week, pupils in Year 3 have been learning about multiplication and how to use a range of different methods to help them answer multiplication questions.

We have a new round of pupils who have gained certificates this week. Children have really been thinking about our values – Knowledge, Health, Safety and Equality – and I’m really impressed to listen to the children talk about our values so confidently. Continue to talk to your child about our four values and what the values mean to them.

This week’s Kings and Queens are:

YR Bell Class – Louie S (Knowledge)
YR Darling Class – Eleanor L (Knowledge)
Y1 Edison Class – Connor S (Knowledge)
Y1 Einstein Class – Lexie B (Equality)
Y2 Gandhi Class – Vega S (Safety)
Y2 Nightingale Class – Niamh M (Knowledge)
Y3 Hawking Class – Ava P (Equality)
Y3 Pankhurst Class – Paige G (Safety)
Y4 Curie Class – Betty T (Knowledge)
Y4 Earhart Class – Gabriella P (Knowledge)
Y4 Keller Class – Kelly L (Knowledge)
Y5 Malala Class – Faith D (Equality)
Y5 Seacole Class – Mia B (Equality)
Y6 Clarke Class – Taylor B (Knowledge)
Y6 Parks Class – Archie B (Knowledge)

Well done to all of our winners this week!

In EYFS / Key Stage 1, Y2 Gandhi Class have been joined at the top of the ‘Attendance Challenge’ leader-board by Y1 Edison Class. After Week 4, both classes have 30 points.  In Key Stage 2, Y3 Hawking Class have been joined at the top of the leader-board by Y5 Malala Class with 22 points. Y5 Seacole Class are nipping-on-their-heels with 21 points. ‘Well done’ to Eleanor L.  in YR Darling Class who was the winner of the Attendance Raffle – a Queen and the winner of the raffle! 375 children this week!

You may have seen our notices about our upcoming Open Mornings and Evenings for parents whose children will be starting school in September 2020. This year’s Open Mornings are on Tuesday 12th and Thursday 14th November, from 9.30 – 10.30am. This is an opportunity for prospective parents to have a tour of the school and visit the Reception classrooms. Alternatively, our Open Evening will take place on Tuesday 12th November, from 5.00 – 6.30pm. If you know someone who lives in the local area who will have a child who will be 4 years old in September 2020, please let them know about or Open Mornings and Evening.

The weather does appear to be changing – not for the better (the chance of an Indian Summer seems to be slipping away) – so can you please ensure that pupils have coats, should they need them. We’ve had some flash showers and a number of pupils have been without coats to keep them warm and dry.

Finally, I am pleased to announce that Mrs Chloe Harman has given birth to her first child. Mrs Harman’s baby boy was so excited to come into the world he arrived a few months earlier than planned, not giving Mrs Harman, or the school, much time to plan for his arrival. He is doing well, as is Mrs Harman. I am sure you will join me in wishing Mrs Harman and her baby well.

Enjoy the weekend!

Mr R. Laker
Head of School