Head of School Update – Friday 4th October 2019

Welcome to this week’s ‘Weekly Update’!

We’ll start the update with a round-up of this week’s school trips! Pupils in Year 5 Malala and Seacole Class visited the Bexhill Museum this week, to further their knowledge about the Egyptians. The children part in a range of activities, including making observational drawings, practising their hieroglyphics and finding out about the exhibits from the museum’s curator. The children were also able to see the recent Art project that children from King Offa helped to design.

The children returned to school with lots of new knowledge and excited to find out more about the Egyptian civilization. I will add some photographs from their days out onto our Facebook page.

We have a new round of pupils who have gained certificates this week. Children have really been thinking about our values – Knowledge, Health, Safety and Equality – and I’m really impressed to listen to the children talk about our values so confidently. Please talk to your child about our four values and what the values mean to them.

This week’s Kings and Queens are:

YR Bell Class – Grace W (Knowledge)
YR Darling Class – Zak C (Knowledge)
Y1 Edison Class – Frankie O (Safety)
Y1 Einstein Class – Millie H (Knowledge)
Y2 Gandhi Class – Alice C (Equality)
Y2 Nightingale Class – George J (Knowledge)
Y3 Hawking Class – Toby E (Knowledge)
Y3 Pankhurst Class – Izzy W (Knowledge)
Y4 Curie Class – Alysher S-L (Equality)
Y4 Earhart Class – Pearl G-A (Knowledge)
Y4 Keller Class – Ruby C (Knowledge)
Y5 Malala Class – Karina L (Equality)
Y5 Seacole Class – Samer S (Knowledge)
Y6 Clarke Class – Gracie-Marie J (Knowledge)
Y6 Parks Class – Kingsley F (Knowledge)

Well done to all of our winners this week!

In EYFS / Key Stage 1, Y2 Gandhi Class are top of the leader-board in our ‘Attendance Challenge’ after Week 3, with 24 points.  In Key Stage 2, Y3 Hawking Class are top of the leader-board with 22 points. ‘Well done’ to Hughen S.  in Y2 Gandhi Class who was the winner of the Attendance Raffle – 365 children this week!

Our children looked incredibly smart yesterday – they enjoyed having their photographs taken. We are awaiting the proofs and will get these sent out to you as soon as we have them back!

Please check this week’s Bulletin for lots more information, including updated events and a poster about our upcoming coffee morning – we hope some of you will join us for that!

Enjoy the weekend.

Ryan Laker
Head of School