Head of School Update – Friday 20th September 2019

Welcome to this week’s Weekly Update!

Today, we hosted our Harvest Festival Assembly. We were delighted to welcome the Rev. Kevan Robinson from St. Stephen’s Church, Bexhill to share the celebration with us. We’ve received an incredible number of donations – ‘Thank you’ so much for these. There were many children who designed and decorated their own personal food boxes and parcels with some very special messages. This year, the parcels and donations will be shared between Bexhill Food Bank and Dom’s Food Mission who are extremely grateful for our support. We are looking forward to handing over the donations across the next few days.

It’s been an incredibly settled start to the new school year. ‘Well done’ to all of the pupils for their hard work and focus – I’ve already had the privilege of seeing some outstanding work and excellent presentation from so many children – a great way to start the year!

We’ve been collecting the Aldi stickers for schools. We are well on our way to completing our first poster, collecting more than 200 stickers so far, so thank you very much for sending in your stickers to us. We’re still collecting so please keep sending these in!

We hope you enjoyed visiting the Book Fair this week. We hope to have collected over £350 worth of vouchers to spend on books in school. Thank you to Mrs Timms, Mrs Valentine and Mrs Courtnell for running the Book Fair. It will be back later on in the school year.

Well done to all of our certificate winners. Our Kings and Queens are awarded their certificate against one of our four values – Knowledge, Safety, Health and Equality – This week’s winners are…

YR Bell Class – Megan W (Health)
YR Darling Class – Tiffany G (Health)
Y1 Einstein Class – Harry O (Knowledge)
Y1 Edison Class – Meadow G (Knowledge)
Y2 Gandhi Class – Baylee R (Equality)
Y2 Nightingale Class – Harrison C (Knowledge)
Y3 Pankhurst Class – Rochelle W (Knowledge)
Y3 Hawking Class – Brandon P (Knowledge)
Y4 Earhart Class – Sofia W (Knowledge)
Y4 Curie Class – Reggie P (Knowledge)
Y4 Keller Class – Hazel D (Safety)
Y5 Seacole Class – Lillianna C (Knowledge)
Y5 Malala Class – Phoebe G (Equality)
Y6 Clarke Class – Cameron K (Knowledge)
Y6 Parks Class – Nathan S (Knowledge)

We also awarded certificates to our Teaching Assistants to say ‘Thank you’ for their hard work, dedication and professionalism, all year round!

In this term’s Attendance Challenge, both YR Bell and YR Darling Class achieved 100% attendance and have collected 10 points each in the EYFS / Key Stage 1 Challenge. In Key Stage 2, Y3 Hawking Class also achieved 100% attendance and collected 10 points. We will see which, if any, classes can catch them across the remainder of the term.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Ryan Laker
Head of School