Head of School Update – Friday 13th September 2019

Welcome back to a new school year!

It’s been fantastic to see you all! It’s been lovely to talk to parents and the children have been really excited to share their Summer Holiday adventures. Although they might not admit it, all of the children seem incredibly happy to be back at school – long may that continue!

Over the holidays, staff have been working hard to make the school look the best it can be. Some rooms have had a makeover but all of the classrooms look clean, tidy and ready for the year ahead – an environment very much ready for learning! Thank you to all of the staff.

I’m very pleased to welcome some new staff to the King Offa team. Welcome to Mrs Pillow, Miss Thornborough and Mr Bramley, who join the teaching team, and to Mrs Meader, Mrs Higgins, Mrs Hall and Mrs Bourne, who join our support staff team. I am sure you will help to make them all feel welcome. I’d also like to take this opportunity to welcome the many new children who have started at King Offa this week and settled very quickly into their new routines and expectations. I hope you will enjoy your time at King Offa. Our new Reception pupils have also started their phased-entry to school, with some half-day opportunities. I can’t wait to meet all 60 of them together for their first day on Tuesday.

We’ve finished the week with our Celebration Assembly – an assembly of firsts – our first assembly of the new year, our first set of Kings and Queens and our first assembly with new class names. It is taking some getting used to but the children are all very proud of their class hero. Please come and see our school display, introducing each of the Class Heroes for this year. We also reminded children of the school’s four values – Knowledge; Health; Safety and Equality – and how these values apply to everyone within the school community.

This week’s Kings and Queens are:

Y1 Einstein Class – Finlay S
Y1 Edison Class – Valentine-Rose S
Y2 Gandhi Class – Georgina-Marie K
Y2 Nightingale Class – Lila H
Y3 Pankhurst Class – Maizie B-S
Y3 Hawking Class – Laila-Rose
Y4 Earhart Class – Berry H
Y4 Curie Class – Camiesha I
Y4 Keller Class – Samuel S
Y5 Seacole Class – Imtiyaz A
Y5 Malala Class – Kiana W
Y6 Clarke Class – Marley T
Y6 Parks Class – Lillian P

Well done to all of our winners!

Next week, we are hosting our Book Fair after school from Monday – please come and join us for this! We are also hosting our Harvest Festival celebration for pupils on Friday. I wrote to you during the week and I hope you will be able to help with a food donation. Your child may wish to make a food parcel of their own. Thank you for your support in advance!

I hope you have a great weekend! I look forward to seeing you all next week!

Ryan Laker
Head of School