Head of School Update – Friday 26th April 2019

Welcome back to the start of a new term at King Offa Primary Academy.

Term 5 represents the start of the ‘Summer’ terms and recent weather has certainly been a perfect indication of this. It is also when the school calendar starts to fill up with school events.

Pupils have returned to school calmly and have settled back into the routines of school life, well. Expectations are high and pupils are already incredibly productive, working hard and giving their best. Children in Year 2 received a very special delivery earlier this week when ten unhatched eggs arrived in school. The first chick broke through its shell on Wednesday and by this morning, all ten of the chicks had hatched, with the first nine chicks helping the final ‘stubborn’ chick, tapping on its shell and encouraging it out. Pupils in Year 2 will look after the chicks, watching them grow and observing how they change in their early few days.

Pupils in Year 3 received an unexpected letter this week after a strange bout of ‘icy’ weather in school. The pupils believe that an endangered ‘Frost Dragon’ may have been sighted and are investigating what might have happened. I am sure Year 3 will keep us updated.

All of the pupils in school will be taking part in a ‘Healthy School’ project, across the next few week. The focus will be ‘Food and Nutrition’ and planned activities include looking at healthy recipes and food choices. Children in our Reception classes made some tasty and healthy fruit kebabs.

This week’s Kings and Queens are…

Year R – Joseph W and Kian G

Year 1 – Baylee R and Alex D

Year 2 – Jacob B and Chance C

Year 3 – Harvey M, Taylor L and Archie B

Year 4 – Katy B and Faith H

Year 5 – Duane P and Sophia W

Year 6 – Rosie C and Logan A

This week’s ‘Sports Personality’ award was given to Paige G. in Year 2 for her superb gymnastics skills. Well done, Paige! I’m sure she will wear her badge with pride.

Well done to all of our winners this week!

In assembly this week, we gave out our 100% Attendance Certificates for Term 4. There were 230 children in Term 4!

Thank you if you were able to join us for yesterday’s ‘Spring Breakfast Club Special’. It was lovely to see so many families enjoying breakfast together. I believe the pancakes and hot-cross buns were some of the favourites on the menu. Thank you to the parents and staff who helped organise the Breakfast Club Special. We hope to arrange another one, shortly.

Finally, I’d like to welcome Miss Malone to King Offa. I know she has thoroughly enjoyed her first week with Orange Class.

Have a great weekend!

Ryan Laker

Head of School