Head of School Update – Friday 23rd November 2018

It’s been another fun-filled week of learning at King Offa Primary Academy. Just ask our Year 3 pupils, who yesterday enjoyed a day full of magic, circus tricks and performances. Pupils were taught how to ‘deceive the eye’ and balance spinning plates, as part of their class story, ‘Leon and the Place Between’. The visit will hopefully inspire their imagination and give them creative ideas for their writing. We gave out some fantastic awards in assembly; for outstanding mathematics, independence, recalling phonics sounds and for being excellent role-models. Well done to our Kings and Queens for this week!
Thank you to the whole community for your support of the ‘Connor Saunders Foundation’ last Friday. I know I spoke about this during my update last week, but Connor Saunders’ story certainly touched all members of the school. We raised over £350 which will be donated to the Foundation – thank you again for your generosity.
Congratulations to the King Offa Football Team who were Quarter-Finalists in ‘The Lindsay Cup’ competition last Saturday. Well done to the players for their teamwork, dedication and resilience.
Next Thursday, we will be hosting our ‘Breakfast Club Special’ – you are all welcome. Just £1 per person! Extended menu with sausage baps and pancakes. We hope you will be able to join us. Doors open at 7.45am.
You will have noticed a very obvious drop in the temperature across these past few days, with Winter surely now arriving. Just a reminder to take extra care around the school site during these colder conditions. We will continue to keep the school site safe for all pupils and their families. With these colder conditions in mind, please can we ensure that all pupils are dressed appropriately for school for the conditions. Should we feel that a child is not appropriately dressed, whilst on the playground at break or lunchtime, we may ask them to stay inside.
Finally, we today say ‘Goodbye’ to Mr Roy Weller, our Site Manager. Mr Weller has been with us for two years and has always done an extremely good job in keeping our very old but lovely school looking smart, clean, modern, tidy and safe, particularly in maintaining our swimming pool and scraping the footpaths and playgrounds during some heavy snow flurries. We are all very grateful for his commitment to the school – his efforts certainly haven’t gone unnoticed. Mr Weller is excited to take up the opportunity to be Site Manager across four schools in Hailsham – a fantastic challenge. On behalf of the pupils and the whole staff team, we wish Mr Weller well for his future adventures. Thank you, Mr Weller!

Mr Laker

Head of School