Head of School Update – Friday 5th October 2018

This week, I have had the pleasure of reading some outstanding writing, throughout classes across the school. Pupils in Year 1 have been practising writing their numbers, with some able to write every number from 1 through to 50, perfectly! What a super achievement! Pupils in Year 2 have been helping ‘The Lonely Beast’ and using some super sentence starters whilst doing so and pupils in Year 3 have been using their imagination to design and write about their own mythical creatures, including unicorns and new animals, such as the ‘Deer-horse’ and were worthy of special ‘Gold Achievement’ stickers. Well done to these children! In our Year 5 classes, pupils have been learning how to write careful and detailed character descriptions and slot these into their stories. The quality of vocabulary being used was exceptional.

Our Reception children continue to be well-settled and incredibly polite Рthey are used to their new routines and are enjoying exploring their learning environments and outside areas and finding out all about their classmates. Pupils in Year 4 have been looking carefully at traditional Henna patterns and exploring their own designs as part of their Paragon learning. Whilst in Maths this week, our Year 6 pupils have been calculating challenging percentages of amounts and decimals Рone group of children confidently explained how they would calculate 2% of 32.1. Our classroom and learning environments are looking fantastic and an update of our hall and corridor displays will take place shortly.

So on this Friday afternoon, the Sun is shining and long may that continue. Have an enjoyable weekend and I look forward to seeing all of the children in school on Monday morning!

Ryan Laker

Head of School