Weekly Update – 16th March 2018

The week has ended with the school bathed in glorious sunshine, with the children focused, engaged and enjoying their learning!

We took the time in assembly, today, to reflect on the life of Professor Stephen Hawking, who sadly passed away this week. The children learned how he, as a great scientist, overcame the barriers, hurdles and obstacles in his life, to be one of the most influential historical figures of our time. We thought about how we should always ‘remember to look up at the stars’ and achieve our dreams.
It has been a pleasure to have been visited by so many children, keen and excited to share their writing. These have included original story-maps, word games and some gripping thrillers. Continuing with the writing theme, thank you to all the children, and their parents, who took part in this year’s ‘Short Story Competition’. We celebrated the category winners today and listened to some of the entries, all full of unique and imaginative ideas. We wanted to share one as part of our bulletin for the week, so look out for this – we hope you will enjoy it.
Children in ‘Art Club’, with Miss Langton, have been continuing with their project called the ‘Sea and the Shore’. They have researched different animals to help them create a large, underwater mural. They have practised different skills using acrylic paint, water-colour pencils and pastels, to mix and invent new colours. The photograph shows the scene so far.
Lastly, thank you for your continued support of the school. I wish you all an enjoyable weekend – let’s hope the sun continues to shine!

Ryan Laker

Head of School