Weekly Update – 1st December 2017

This year we are working hard to continue to develop and improve our curriculum. All of our teachers take responsibility for a subject and Mr Hill leads on computing for the school. He has been busy researching the latest technology that schools have been using and this morning he tried out the most amazing augmented reality with his class. It works by a person wearing a t-shirt with an AR code printed on it. If you then scan this using an app it overlays different parts of the human body onto the person wearing the t-shirt. Mr Hill set it up in our spare classroom for a trial run and the photo probably explains it better than I can! Children can use the app to explore different parts of the human body and find out how they work. Pretty amazing stuff!

Next week Year Three have a visit from a circus skills workshop that I am sure will be great fun. They have been reading Leon and the Place Between in their English lessons which is all about a boy who gets transported to a magical world with lots of circus themed things going on. The visit will be great fun and support their learning in English.

Apologies to our Year Six pupils who had meant to be going to watch a live orchestra playing yesterday afternoon. The coach that had been booked did not turn up and left the children and staff disappointed. I have apologised to the children on behalf of the coach company and promised them that we will find another opportunity for them to watch live music being performed this year.

This week we have welcomed lots of visitors to school who have come to observe the great teaching and learning that goes on at King Offa. We have welcomed trainee teachers from local schools, students from Bexhill College and serving teachers from other schools. Mr Laker has led two afternoons of training and this has involved the visiting teachers spending time in our classrooms to observe. It is a huge compliment to the skills and hard work of our teachers that other schools want to come and learn from us. Well done to all the staff and Mr Laker!

Enjoy the weekend,

James Freeston