Weekly Update – 29th September 2017

It’s been a fantastic week at school, rounded off with today’s assembly to celebrate the Kings and Queens from each class, who represent the fantastic effort of all children across the school. It’s always a pleasure to see children who are spotted for a range of qualities, including being a good friend, helping others, being persistent when things get hard and being polite and kind. We welcomed Mrs Pleasants, our Chair of the LAB, to school this week who was delighted to see children focused and engaged with their writing, in all classes. The quality of handwriting, even at such an early point of the year, is highly impressive and will only get better as the year goes on! Our new Reception children are well-settled and growing in confidence – they were able to find and sound out their /s/a/t/p/ phonemes (and talk about them) and are already demonstrating some accurate colouring skills.

A tour of the school (and a visit to see me by two of our pupils in Year 2) showed a display of some of the fabulous Term 1 Paragon Projects – dinosaur models and a classful of scarecrows to name just a few. Thank you to all of those parents who have supported children with their projects so far. If your child hasn’t completed their project – it’s not too late and there is still time to bring these in. The projects are an important aspect of our Paragon curriculum and help to underpin the knowledge that children gain from their learning in class.

Well done to Year Two Yellow class who won the Key Stage 1 ‘Attendance Award’ and to Year Three Magpies and Year Five Hawks who were joint winners of the award in Key Stage 2 – impressively, all three classes achieved a perfect attendance of 100% last week!

Finally, if you haven’t done so already, please sign up for an appointment with your child’s class teacher – Parents’ Evenings are taking place on Tuesday 3rd and Thursday 5th October, straight after school. We are looking forward to seeing you!

As always, thank you for your continued support of the school!

Ryan Laker

Deputy Headteacher