Weekly Update – 22nd September 2017

Pictured above are our new Year Six Ambassadors who have been chosen because of their excellent behaviour and attitude in school. They are great role models for our younger children and help in a variety of ways to keep school running smoothly and safely. Congratulations to all of them and thank you in advance for the contribution you will make to King Offa!

On Thursday Mrs Courtnell was kept on her toes organising the individual and sibling photos. The children looked super smart in their uniforms and we hope you enjoy receiving the photos when they have been produced.

Our new Reception children joined us for our celebration assembly today when we crowned this week’s Kings and Queens. They did amazingly well to sit and concentrate throughout the assembly and even joined in with the song at the end. The excitement for them didn’t stop there as this afternoon we had our first fire drill of the year. The entire school was evacuated from the building in near silence in less than three minutes and behaviour from all the children was impeccable. Staff reassured all the children that it was only a practice. Please reassure your child that the school most certainly was not on fire today!

I would like to thank Miss Smith for helping to organise the excellent Triple P sessions that have been running. It is great that so many people have taken advantage of this free resource to hear about the best parenting strategies and techniques. If you haven’t made it to a session so far but would be interested in finding out more please speak with Miss Smith at the school office.

Finally please note the times of parents evenings;  Tuesday 3rd October 3.10 – 6.00pm and Thursday 5th October 3.10 – 6.00pm, and make an appointment to see your child’s teacher by signing up for a slot from Monday after school.


Enjoy the weekend,

James Freeston