Headteachers Weekly Update – 15th April 2016














It has been a very busy first week back after the Easter break. The children have returned full of energy and enthusiasm and it has been great to so much fantastic work that has been done at home over the holidays. The photo above is of a piece of work by a very talented girl in year five. The children are learning about the Victorians this term and were asked to find out about life as a Victorian child and record what they found out however they wanted. Well done to all the children who have completed their homework projects and brought such great work into school.

On Wednesday lunchtime I ventured up onto the field with three children from year two. It is still very wet underfoot but we made it up to the newly planted Kingswood. We were really excited to see that the vast majority of the trees we had planted back in November were doing well and had sprouted their first leaves. The children amazed me by remembering the names of the different species we had planted and could remember which ones were ‘theirs’.

It was great to see so many people at our Easter Fair at the end of last term. Many thanks to the adults and children who helped organise it. We raised over £400 which we will soon use to buy more books for our library. Team King Offa also managed to complete the Hastings Half Marathon and thanks to your sponsorship added another £260 to the library fund. Thank you to everyone who sponsored us and to everyone who took part!

Next week we are looking forward to the arrival of our ‘space seeds’. Mrs Andrews has arranged for King Offa to take part in Tim Peake’s Rocket Science experiment and the children are excited about joining in with this massive experiment. We are also really pleased that four children have been invited to St Richards on Monday afternoon to take part in a live radio link up with Tim Peake to hear first-hand about his experiences on board the International Space Station. We look forward to hearing all about it in assembly.

Enjoy the weekend,

James Freeston