Headteachers Weekly Update – 5th February 2016

Congratulations to the children pictured above. They have been learning about the Renaissance period in their Paragon lessons and the great inventors and inventions that were created at this time. They were challenged to come up with their own inventions and they have been incredibly imaginative. Well done to them and all the children who continue their learning outside of school.

We have been busy this week preparing for our Paragon events that will be held next week. Details of timings can be found in our bulletin. The focus for this terms PE lessons has been dance and all children have been involved in perfecting their skills. Miss Winchester has skilfully helped staff link the learning in PE with our Paragon curriculum and our events next week all have an element of dance within them. We look forward to seeing you there!

Next week we will be publishing our end of term newsletter that I hope you will find useful. It contains the results of our recent parent surveys. They are a really important part of school improvement and myself and the senior leadership team have read every response. Within the newsletter you will find the ‘You said…We did’ section where we explain what we have done in response to your feedback. I hope you find it useful and thank you to everyone who replied. Don’t forget that myself and Mr Laker are available every morning at the main entrance and we are more than happy to receive feedback or answer any questions you may have.

Enjoy the weekend

James Freeston