Headteachers Weekly Update – 2nd October 2015

Thank you very much to all parents and carers who attended parents evenings this week. It is really important that teachers get a chance to discuss your children with you. At this time of year it provides a really useful opportunity for teachers to find out more about your children so that they can provide the best education possible. If you haven’t managed to see your child’s teacher please contact the office and they will be happy to make an appointment for you.

This week we welcomed our Chair of the Local Academy Board, Margaret Pleasants, into school to visit classes and see what the children were learning about. She was very impressed with the focus and concentration of the children and how hard the teachers were working to make learning fun and purposeful. Pictured above are a couple of examples of our pupils working hard!

Those of you who followed the building works over the summer will know just how hard Mr Cutting worked to get things done on time and to a high standard. He even shortened his summer holiday to make sure he was on site to liaise with all the contractors. I’m pleased to say that he is catching up on his holidays and will be taking a break next week. Mr Laker and I will be standing in to make sure that gates are opened on time and school still runs smoothly. Please bear with us as we step into his shoes!

Enjoy the weekend,

James Freeston