Headteachers Weekly Update – 10th July 2015

On Tuesday we received the results of the SAT tests that our year six pupils took in May this year. Every child in year six in England takes these tests and the results are used to measure school performance by OfSTED. Children sit three different tests; reading comprehension, a test that measures their understanding of grammar, punctuation and spelling and a maths test. Teachers assess pupils writing by looking at a range of examples from each child. The expected standard is that children achieve a ‘level 4’.

Our results this year are the best that King Offa Academy has ever achieved and the most important figure of the combined score of reading, writing and maths is well above last year’s national average. As well as this 100% of our year six children scored level four or above in their maths test. This is a remarkable achievement and demonstrates the quality of teaching and learning that takes place here at King Offa every day. Huge congratulations to the children who have worked so hard to achieve this. A massive thank you to the teachers and support staff who have allowed our children to reach their potential and a big thank you to all the parents and carers who have supported their children and King Offa which has made these results possible. Below are the results of the SAT’s for the last three years. In our end of term newsletter we will share a full breakdown of King Offa’s performance this year.

Reading Writing Maths Grammar, punctuation

and spelling

Reading, writing and maths combined
L4+ L5+ L4+ L5+ L4+ L5+ L4+ L5+ L4+ L5+
2013 76% 41% 74% 12% 79% 32% 64% 35% 67% 9%
2014 89% 46% 75% 18% 86% 27% 77% 46% 75% 16%
2015 87% 38% 92% 26% 100% 33% 79% 49% 85% 15%
National2014 89% 50% 85% 33% 86% 42% 76% 52% 79% 24%


Hopefully you will have received a copy of your child’s school report today. If you have any questions or queries please make an appointment to speak to your child’s teacher. Next Thursday children will be meeting their new teacher and spending some time in their new classroom.

Pictured this week are children from years five and six who are rehearsing for the Paragon Spectacular next week. We look forward to seeing you there!

Enjoy the weekend,

James Freeston