Headteachers Weekly Update – Friday 8th May 2015

Despite us only being at school for four days this week we’ve certainly managed to pack a lot in! Year four had a wonderful time at Drusilla’s on Tuesday. They learnt loads about many of the animals they saw there and enjoyed themselves at the playground. Mrs Meader and Mrs Osman were very proud of the children’s great behaviour and how well they represented the school. Thank you to the parent volunteers who came with us and helped make the day run so smoothly.

This week’s Paragon events have been enjoyed greatly by the children. Seeing the tepees set up on the field was wonderful and I know the children demonstrated their learning very well. It was really lovely to see so many visitors for the year two and foundation stage events.

This week’s picture is of children in year one who have been learning all about Bali. They have listened to Balinese music and made these instruments at home to play in class. Thank you for your support in helping with making instruments. The combined sounds from thirty musicians in each class were brilliantly managed by Miss Mercer and Miss Skues and there were brief moments of harmony!

Next week is a very important one for our year sixes and our school as they will be taking their SAT’s tests. They have worked incredibly hard and we are very proud of them. I know they will do their best and take the tests in their stride.

Enjoy the weekend,

James Freeston