Head of School Weekly Update – 20th March 2015

It’s up there somewhere! One of our year six pupils searches for a glimpse of the eclipse through a rather unhelpful layer of cloud!



Thank you to all parents and carers who helped us to make the most of the eclipse this morning, whether you came along or made viewing devices at home. It was a shame that the weather wasn’t kinder to us but we do we live in England! Thank you also to the breakfast club team who prepared over fifty breakfasts this morning for children and adults.

This week we have enjoyed hosting a variety of Paragon events and as always thank you for your continuing support. Watching the children in year five and six perform with such confidence was a real pleasure. The year two’s were equally impressive and I look forward to watching them in a few years time at Paragon Extravaganzas showing off the skills they have learnt. The ‘virtual’ year four Paragon event is now available to watch online through our website and Foundation stages will be coming soon.

This afternoon Mr Laker has taken our year three and four football team to a tournament at Glenleigh Park School. They are taking part in a tournament against other Bexhill primary schools. We eagerly await news of the results!

Enjoy the weekend,

Mr James Freeston

Head of School