Head of School Weekly Update – 23rd January 2015

Our new lunchtime club has opened this week in the Studio and is being run by Mr Laker and Mrs Goldfinch. Different activities are on offer on different days and it provides a great place for children to go if they find the busy playground a little intimidating or they can’t find anyone to play with. Children can also spend time in the library with Mrs Fellows or join in with football on the top playground with Mrs Milarski. On Fridays Mr King runs an outside disco and the children pictured below with Mrs Boast joined in with the ‘conga’ today!

This morning in assembly Mr Laker and I gave out certificates to our Kings and Queens of the week. It was a pleasure as always to hear about all the exciting things children have achieved this week. I discovered that children in year four had blasted off on a visit to space and have been writing all about it.

The children and staff are getting ready for our Paragon events which are coming up the week after next. I hope that you will be able to attend and find out about the great learning that goes on every day here.

Enjoy the weekend,


James Freeston

Head of School