Head of School Weekly Update – 12th December 2014

This morning in assembly the children heard about our ‘Best Bits’ post box that has appeared in the entrance to the school. The idea is to collect King Offa’s most memorable moments of 2014 from children, staff and parents so that we can reflect on the successes of the year before looking ahead to 2015. At lunchtime children were busy writing their ideas down and posting them in the box. We would love to hear the thoughts of parents and carers as well so please take a moment to contribute.

Over the last two days we have welcomed Miss Skues and Mrs Meader to King Offa who will be joining the teaching staff permanently in Term 3. In January we will be opening an additional year one class that will be taught by Miss Skues. This extra class is needed because of the increasing popularity of King Offa and the large number of children who have joined us since September. Mrs Meader will be taking over from Mrs Smith who will be going on maternity leave in January. Mrs Meader and Miss Skues are very experienced teachers who will be a real asset to the school. Both of them have commented on the polite and courteous behaviour of King Offa children and have spent time getting to know the children and the school.

Pictured below you can see Mr Coker working hard with children from years five and six on our Goblin Kit Car. This is the first of six kit cars we have inherited from a previous project that was run in Bexhill primary schools. Once assembled and tested the car will be able to reach top speeds of around twenty miles an hour and children will be able to test drive it themselves.

We are looking forward to seeing you next week on Wednesday for our carol concerts at St Stephens Church. KS1 is at 9:30am and KS2 will be singing their hearts out at 1:30pm!

Enjoy the Weekend,

James Freeston

Head of School